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Our goal is to reduce unnecessary hospitalizations and avoidable emergency room visits by combining easy to use technology and a human touch.

Wellbridge Health Coaches strengthen the connection between care manager and member to influence behavior change, improve member outcomes, and lower the cost of care.




Reducing the cost of care

We reduce emergency room visits, eliminate unnecessary hospitalizations, and minimize re-admissions for members with chronic illnesses.

As a result, we’re helping payors and providers save money and avoid CMS penalties.


Keeping members independent

We collect and monitor real-time health information enabling early intervention by Wellbridge health coaches in responding to the needs of members and their families. We communicate positive and empowering choices to keep members independent and living at home.


A Balanced Approach

We influence both physical and behavioral health to change the way members live with their conditions. We combine real-time member information with interactive video technology for a more timely, time-efficient and cost-effective care management solution. And, we maintain the human touch to enhance member adoption and continued participation in the care plan.


Combining interactive video technology with real-time patient information for a more time-efficient and cost-effective care management solution.

For the Insurance Provider


Visibility into member health status all day, every day

Health Plan Care Managers see up-to-the-minute reporting on their members. They may schedule a video chat or act more urgently if the data suggests a point of concern, thereby intervening sooner and improving outcomes.

Increased compliance with follow-up appointments

Wellbridge health coaches significantly influence follow-up medical appointments through reminders and video-conferencing to help members increase compliance in managing their chronic conditions, and reducing emergency room visits.

Seamlessly integrated with health plan IT

Wellbridge applications are HIPAA compliant and provide member data that is secure and auditable, offering the ability to fully integrate with health provider back-end systems.

Fewer re-admissions and emergency room visits

Real-time reporting, video-chat technology, focus on physical and behavioral health, and just the right amount of personal attention provide a unique solution to lower the cost of care while improving patient outcomes.

For the Member

Increased care plan adherence through regular engagement

Wellbridge Health engages the member all day long by mixing personalized content with updates and progress reporting. Interactive care plans keep members involved in maintaining their health.


Easy adoption through a simple, intuitive interface

Utilizing a custom designed multi-touch tablet application built specifically for older adults and at-risk populations, Wellbridge Health technology provides an engaging and supportive interactive experience.


Fewer re-admissions and emergency room visits.

We give face-to-face a new meaning, using video-conferencing for meaningful member-centered conversations about their current health conditions. Enhanced social interaction reduces feelings of isolation by making face-to-face interaction a click away.


Improved quality of life while managing chronic conditions

The all-day virtual care manager enhances members’ ability to live at home and in their community. Members enjoy a higher quality of life while managing chronic conditions.


Cynthia Zydel

Cynthia Zydel


Cynthia is a nurse and healthcare executive with over 30 years of experience in settings that include Managed Care Organizations that serve Medicaid and dual-eligible beneficiaries. She spent 14 years as a healthcare consultant focused on planning and implementation of new products, initiatives and business functions and seven years as an adjunct professor at the Heinz School of Public Policy and Management at Carnegie Mellon University.

Frank Amoruso

Frank Amoruso


Frank is a serial entrepreneur with 30 years of experience providing technology to a variety of industries, including Health Care, Medical Devices and Pharmacy.  During the majority of his career, Frank has focused on working with early-stage companies, introducing B2B innovations that materially impact quality and effectiveness in an industry.  His passion for this level of innovation is what brings Frank to Wellbridge.

Pamela Greenhouse

Pamela Greenhouse

VP Clinical Operations

Pamela has 25+ years of leadership experience in healthcare operations spanning the continuum of care. She has co-authored over 30 papers in peer-reviewed scholarly journals, spent 10 years refining the Patient Centered Care Methodology now used in hundreds of settings around the world, and has spoken nationally and internationally on the topics of patient engagement and experience based design. She holds an M.B.A. in Organizational Behavior.

Bob Dickenson

Bob Dickenson

VP Engineering and Data Sciences

Bob originally trained as a clinical and experimental behavioral psychologist. For over 25 years, he has led international development teams in automated operations (Legent/CA), knowledge management (ServiceWare/Rightanswers), and vertical CRM (Navagate). Bob has also applied his knowledge of simulation and statistics to a variety of social-venture start-up endeavors.

Brad Karol

Brad Karol

VP of Business Administration

Brad is a business development, strategic planning, and integration executive with 16 years experience in the health insurance industry including managed care for Medicaid, Dual-Eligible and Commercial beneficiaries. Prior to Wellbridge, Brad’s career included Supply Chain Management and Logistics work with KPMG Peat Marwick and financial controls and business development work with Ernst & Young.

Wellbridge reminded me of keeping up on my goal. Then [the coach] would check up on me and help me remember. We spoke 2-3 times a week and that helped me remember. I am getting old and don’t remember things so well.”

-59-year-old dual-eligible patient

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About Wellbridge

Wellbridge Health is a care management solutions company whose goal is to reduce unnecessary hospitalizations. Combining highly trained health coaches with the latest in health care technology, Wellbridge strengthens the connection between insurance plan and member to influence physical and behavior change, improve member outcomes, and lower the cost of care.