Meet Our Leadership Team

Daniel Rosen, PhD, MSW

Professor Rosen received his PhD in social work and sociology from the University of Michigan.
He is currently the recipient of a K 08 award from the National Institute of Health. Expertise in the health and mental health service needs of vulnerable adults, barriers to treatment, substance abuse, and  treatment of depression in later-life.

Pamela Greenhouse
Chief Operating officer

Thirty years of strategic and clinical operations leadership  experience spanning the full continuum of health care - from acute to ambulatory to  remote chronic disease management and launch of a health care start-up.
Author of 30+ papers in scholarly journals with a focus on improving outcomes, patient-centered care, and experienced-based design.  
Pam has an MBA in Organizational Behavior, and is a national and international speaker.

Maddie O'Rourke
Director of Clinical Services

Expertise in working with adult and geriatric populations throughout the continuum of healthcare, including chronic disease management, behavior change theory, and home safety. Maddie has a Masters in Social Work from Louisiana State University.

Board & Advisors

Board of Directors

Joseph C. Capper

BioTelemetry, Inc

David Kalson

Emerging Business Group, Cohen & Grigsby

Onat Menzilcioglu, Ph.D.

High Technology Executive and Investor


Daniel Rosen, Ph.D, MSW

Wellbridge Health, Inc.
University of Pittsburgh School of Social Work

Joel B. Greenhouse, Ph.D

Professor of Statistics
Carnegie Mellon University

Ezz-Eldin Moukamal, MD, FHM

Medical Director
Hospital Associates of Pittsburgh Premier Medical Associates, PC

Evan Indianer

CEO and Founder

Sid Wiesner

Chief Technology Officer

Hon. Evan J. Segal

Business Leader, Author, Philanthropist

Natalie E. Gentile, MD

Assistant Professor
Department of Family Medicine, Mayo Clinic, Rochester MN

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