how does wellbridge support employers?

Wellbridge Health (WBH) assists individuals with chronic conditions to improve their quality of life and better self-manage their condition(s). We bring simple, accessible technology into your employees' hands and connect them remotely with health professionals who monitor their symptomatology and provide regularly scheduled education and coaching toward improved disease management; this approach reduces costs. We create a positive partnership between employees and expert health coaches trained in behavior change models.

My company already has a wellness program. Why would I want Wellbridge Health to handle disease management?

Most wellness programs generally target individuals at little or no risk who may already be doing the necessary things for their health. Wellbridge Health works with individuals with one or more chronic conditions to access the right care at the right time, make appropriate lifestyle modifications and increase their ability and confidence in managing their condition on their own. This model creates a higher ROI for your company.

How will this impact my human resources/benefits department?

There is minimal administrative burden as the program requires no system integration and we will collaborate with other vendors.

What is Wellbridge Health's pricing?

Per engaged member per month. Pricing options include a risk guarantee and an upside risk sharing.

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