Our goal is to reduce unnecessary hospitalizations and avoidable emergency room visits by combining easy to use technology and a human touch.

Wellbridge Health Coaches strengthen the connection between care manager and member to influence behavior change, improve member outcomes, and lower the cost of care.




Reducing the cost of care

We reduce emergency room visits, eliminate unnecessary hospitalizations, and minimize re-admissions for members with chronic illnesses.

As a result, we’re helping payors and providers save money and avoid CMS penalties.


Keeping members independent

We collect and monitor real-time health information enabling early intervention by Wellbridge health coaches in responding to the needs of members and their families. We communicate positive and empowering choices to keep members independent and living at home.


A Balanced Approach

We influence both physical and behavioral health to change the way members live with their conditions. We combine real-time member information with interactive video technology for a more timely, time-efficient and cost-effective care management solution. And, we maintain the human touch to enhance member adoption and continued participation in the care plan.