How does Wellbridge Support Members?

Our members tell us every day that we make a difference in their lives.


“The year is ending, Maddie, and I want you to know what an absolute delight you have been as my health counselor/coach. I know that I might not have made it through this year without you. I am grateful for you and the BridgIT Program as well as my health plan for allowing me to participate in this program. It is my desire to continue as a participant for as long as I am allowed. I have so many disorders and I am still learning how to manage them. But, please allow me to thank you for all of your guidance and support.”
-70 year old member with Congestive Heart Failure and Type 2 Diabetes
“I’m supposed to get some exercise but I’m scared because I get so out of breath. My health coach taught me a type of breathing that helps me not get so out of breath when I walk. Now I’m walking 3 times a week and adding two more houses down the street every week. Honestly, I have more energy all throughout the day now too.”
-59 year-old member with COPD
“I look forward to checking in on my BridgIT® app every morning because I know it means someone is watching out for me. They know if my ankles are too swollen or something else is going on that we need to be concerned about. I look forward to talking with my Health Coach every Wednesday at 10:30 in the morning. I feel kind of isolated and she is like sunshine. She helps me so much. I don’t know what I’d do without her.”
-74 year-old member with Congestive Heart Failure

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