How does Wellbridge Support Patients?

We help individuals living with health problems feel better and reduce hospital visits. We understand your symptoms and help you manage them better now and in the future. Our patients tell us every day that we make a difference in their lives.


“I look forward to checking in on my BridgIT® app every morning because I know it means someone is watching out for me. They know if my ankles are too swollen or something else is going on that we need to be concerned about. I look forward to talking with my Health Coach every Wednesday at 10:30 in the morning. I feel kind of isolated and she is like sunshine. She helps me so much. I don’t know what I’d do without her.”
-74 year-old patient with Congestive Heart Failure
“I’m supposed to get some exercise but I’m scared because I get so out of breath. My Health Coach taught me a type of breathing that helps me not get so out of breath when I walk. Now I’m walking 3 times a week and adding two more houses down the street every week. Honestly, I have more energy all throughout the day now too.”
-59 year-old patient with COPD
“I’m not interested in going out too much so I’ve stayed away from a lot of doctors. But my Health Coach and I talk every week, and he explained that having my feet checked may keep me from getting foot sores that can be real serious. So I saw a podiatrist last week for the first time ever!”
-48 year-old patient with Type 2 Diabetes

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