ConnectedForYou Corporate Program

Senior Independence at Home

The Challenge:

Individuals who work a full-time job and assist with the care of an elderly or disabled family member, relative or friend can be quite overwhelming. Furthermore, the dual role of being a caregiver and full-time employee often leads to work-related challenges that have a significant impact on both the personal and professional lives of those caregivers.

1 in 6
working Americans assist with the care of an elderly or disabled family member, relative, or friend
of employed caregivers will rearrange their work schedules, decrease work hours, and/or take unexpected unpaid leave to meet the needs of caregiving
additional workdays per caregiving employee are missed each year due to caregiving responsibilities
of caregivers will leave their job to care for a loved one

These circumstances, in turn, have a significant impact on the healthcare industry on a national level that results in the following:

$126 million
Missed workdays nationwide
Reduction in work productivity
$25.2 billion
of estimated annual costs due to the decrease in work productiviy
$13.4 billion
in additional healthcare spend for those caregivers on an annual basis

The solution:

ConnectedForYou is a cutting edge and interactive service designed to help seniors age at home while lessening stress on family members – whether they are local or far away.

Wellbridge Health’s ConnectedForYou program addresses the challenges of daily living, reduces social isolation, assists in identifying needs and resources, and provides physical, logistical, and emotional support to aging adults, helping to extend their ability to live independently in their home.

Just like our disease management program, the innovative and interactive Wellbridge Health model incorporates an (optional) 7 day/week well-being monitoring via an easy and quick smartphone app (<2 minutes/day) and weekly or twice weekly, face-to-face, health partnering via HIPAA-compliant video chats (10-20 minutes) with a dedicated master’s level health partner. This approach ensures an opportunity to provide care navigation support, identify and address other daily living needs (e.g., medication or appointment reminders, arranging transportation, opportunities for socialization, grocery ordering and delivery, etc.) and provide emotional support. We can also provide chronic disease management, if needed.

This combination of simple technology along with frequent, high-touch interactions, allows us to engage with members to support their ongoing independence at home and relieve caregivers of many of the responsibilities that create or add to their stress – especially if they are in the workforce.

1. Individualized Plan
  • Family Collaboration
  • Psychosocial Assessment
  • Medication Assessment
2. Remote Monitoring*
  • Chronic Disease Symptoms
  • Depression Symptoms
  • Medication Side-Effects
*Customizable and Plan Specific
3. Behavior Change
  • Nutrition
  • Physical Activity
  • Socialization
  • Treatement Adherence
4. Self Management
  • Maintaining Independence
  • Preventative Care
  • Medication Adherence
  • Plan of Care Involvement

Pricing and Guarantee:

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