How does Wellbridge Support Members?

Our clients and members tell us every day that we make a difference in their lives.


"The importance of this approach is to understand that right now, care providers are really stretched thin . . . so it's not any surprise that third party services can play a key role in optimizing the care strategies that providers have laid out for their patients. The Wellbridge solution fits perfectly in this model as their coaches are trained in behavioral modification and can optimally offer these chronic care management services."
-Manish Wadhwa, MD, Scripps Health and co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer at Geneva Healthcare
“The results we have seen with our pilot population is remarkable. Encouraging and empowering patients living with multiple chronic conditions to engage in their care is vital to providing the best outcomes possible. Through this daily engagement and great patient experience, Wellbridge becomes part of the patient’s care team to support high quality, cost-effective care which is paramount to optimizing the patient’s health. Bridges Health Partners is excited to continue this partnership with Wellbridge Health."
-Robert Zimmerman, MD, Chief Medical Officer and Interim President, Bridges Health Partners
"It is with extreme pleasure that I write this recommendation for Wellbridge Health.  Mainstay Life Services has worked collaboratively with Wellbridge  Health to develop a person-centered approach to support the health and wellness goals of people receiving supports with Mainstay.  Using a telehealth platform  to engage people to proactively take ownership of their health, members have expressed improved confidence and understanding of their health care needs  after their involvement with Wellbridge Health.  Wellbridge’s professionalism and commitment to understanding each person, their needs and developing a platform that works for people with an intellectual disability is outstanding."      
-Kim Sonafelt, CEO Mainstay Life Services-
“I’m supposed to get some exercise but I’m scared because I get so out of breath. My health coach taught me a type of breathing that helps me not get so out of breath when I walk. Now I’m walking 3 times a week and adding two more houses down the street every week. Honestly, I have more energy all throughout the day now too.”
-59 year-old member with COPD
“I look forward to checking in on my BridgIT® app every morning because I know it means someone is watching out for me. They know if my ankles are too swollen or something else is going on that we need to be concerned about. I look forward to talking with my Health Coach every Wednesday at 10:30 in the morning. I feel kind of isolated and she is like sunshine. She helps me so much. I don’t know what I’d do without her.”
-74 year-old member with Congestive Heart Failure

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